Educon 2010

Please visit my presentation on my virtual trip to Educon 2010 to attend the Youth Voices workshop.

After attending the workshop, I attempted to use Teen Voices in the Genocide Project that my class is engaged in right now. I signed up for an account on two different occasions. To sign up for an account, you first enter a potential user name and password. After doing that, they ask that you email the “community manager” and let them know that you have signed up and introduce yourself. After this, the community manager is supposed to review your application and approve your account. It has been a month since my initial application. I did receive one email from the community manager asking for my user name again, which I replied to but never have had my account approved. I then signed up for a second account, thinking that there must have been a mistake with my first application. I also included an email to community manager explaining that this was my second application and again, I have not heard back from them or had my account approved.
So, I decided to use some of the tricks that I learned in Block 6. I first wanted to see who links to this site. I found out that Youth Voices has won Edublog Awards in 2009, linked to and mentioned many times on Alec Couros’ wiki (if you do not know Alec Couros, he is an Education professor at the University of Regina who specializes in Technology in Education. Having taken a class from him he is someone who’s opinion I value very much) and linked to many other sites.
The site is authored by nine students and teachers from various places in the United States but I could not find one person that is in charge of the whole thing.
So, given the site’s seemingly good reputation, I am not sure what has gone wrong with my application. I am working in a limited time frame and have had to abandon my intentions of using it for the Genocide Project. I am very disappointed in this change but don’t know what else to do.


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