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To present my project and the work of my students, I will be creating a digital story board. I am not familiar with this kind of media, so I googled it and picked one! I chose to explore One True Media. I think the end result of my creation was really cool and would be a really exciting way for students to show what they know for so many things from explaining a procedure to presenting an experience. I chose to show my experience with swimming with dolphins from my holiday in Cuba.
On True Media allows you up load images, video and audio and allows you to choose different transitions and styles. It has many options for formating style that are free and even more for those that choose to upgrade to a premium membership. The free options would probably be sufficient for school use. Formating your montage is simple and easy. Simply click on each image to edit it and drag and drop the images into place.
One strong criticism that I have of this site is the length of time that it took to upload the video file. I selected one video file that was less than one minute long and it took almost forty minutes to upload the file. I know that my students would quickly lose patience with this process. Uploading any video that was longer or any more files would be something that I would discourage them against. Aside from that, I would recommend the use of One True Media for schools. I hope that you enjoy my example!

Watch my video here

AMENDMENT TO THIS POST: I am not able to embed this video into this blog. I was only able to embed it into Facebook and some other choice media like Twitter and Myspace. It offers an embeding code but when I inserted it into this post, I was unable to make it work. This is a downfall for this tool but because of the ability to access a link to the video, it would not prevent me from using it or encouraging it’s use.


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  1. Vanessa Said:

    Great video, Danielle. I must say it was your post that convinced me to experiment with One True Media for the purposes of my Final Project. Like you, I found it very easy to use and was pleased with the ‘free’ options. That being said, I spent a fair bit of time adding text only to discover it wasn’t included on the final montage unless I were to purchase the premium package. Your post gave me the courage to experiment with this video editing tool. Thank you!

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