I commented earlier on the Wiki that I had used Google SketchUp with my class so I decided to explore what other tools Google offered. I discovered Picasa, a downloadable application for editing and publishing photos. This application also allows you to organize your photos into slide shows, collages, web albums, and video.
Upon first exploration I did not find many more advantages to using Picasa over iPhoto or any other photo editing and sharing applications. I was able to find two different uses for this application, one being the Collage creator which was easy to use and offers some possibilities for use in the classroom. Students could take photos that they have taken and arrange them in a collage for presentation.

Working on the collage

The finished product
Another unique feature of this application is the Places feature that combines your photos with Google Maps and allows you to flag a place on a map with a photograph. This could be used by students to plot the action in a book on a map. Students could stage events from the book and photograph them, edit their photos and plot them on a map to illustrate the setting of a book.

Aside from these two feature, Picasa was not much different from other photo editing applications. It offers some creative features and could be used in a classroom setting but it was not something that I was overly excited about. I am sure that there are cooler things out there to use!


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  1. kibrown Said:

    I’ve heard other teachers talk about Picasa but had never used it. I can see some applications in the classroom especially linking the photos to google maps. I’ll have to play around with it so I can see if it would work with a future project I’m planning for my students about world landmarks.

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