The iDanielle: What I Would Like to See

I tuned into my TeachPaperless blog today with a purpose. I wanted to see what she thought of the iPad. I fully anticipated a plethora of great ideas and praise for all of it’s possibilities for schools. I wanted to be able to march into my principal’s office on Monday and declare that I had solved all of our technology problems and beg her for permission to fundraise for this new piece of magic. That did not happen.

And I quote “Will the iPad and the iMac someday merge into a teacher-approved wonder device? Not today.” But does that mean someday?

I began to wonder what exactly I was hoping for so I have taken to this forum to think out loud about my ideal educational device would be and so I reveal to you: The iDanielle.

1. It needs to be affordable, less than $500
2. Touch screen, no mouse needed please
3. Big enough to read a full website without needing to zoom
4. I would like to print from it, maybe a place where you can load like ten pieces of paper into a tray and it shoots them out the side.
5. Internet access of coarse
6. A Kindle like program to eliminate all of the pesky between library book sharing where there are never enough copies available.
7. All the cool programs like Garage Band, ComicLife, imovie etc.
8. A word processor
9. Downloadable applications
10. Enough memory to support games like the Sims that I like to teach with.
11. All day battery

Basically, all I want is an affordable hybrid Macbook/Kindle/ipod. Is that too much to ask? I think not so if can have my wish my iDanielle will be coming soon to the SuperWalmart of my dreams. But that is a whole different post…


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