Active Patience

I just read a blog posted on Teach Paperless that I think was written just for me!  I have been posting about many of the frustrations that I have with other teachers, the school and the school board and the inclusion of various technologies and low and behold there is a blog written all about that!

The author talks about having active patience with others and by that she means the kind of patience that you have when teaching someone something.  She calls for allowance of time for teachers to use social media and technology to pursue personal interests (oh no, there is that time thing again.) in order to give them a space to become comfortable and familiar with what is available to them personally before they use it in their classroom. Maybe teachers should be encouraged to subscribe to a blog or join a group or even start by signing up for Facebook and get used to integrating technology into their lives first.  Maybe we all need to sign up for Twitter and Tweet out to each other everyday!  Not only will this integrate technology into their lives but it will create a friendly workspace!

There is no way to avoid what is happening to our world. We are connected in so many more ways than we could ever have imagined.  Being frustrated does nothing to help.  We should celebrate each other’s strengths and encourage each other to learn and use new things.  Any suggestions for how to get this started?


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