Why “The Sticky”

Welcome!  Before I get into the meat and potatoes of the class, I thought that I might take some time to explain why I named my blog “The Sticky”.  I have been working very hard on creating an Inquiry based classroom and one of the more common things that you will see my kids do is making notes on stickies that they then will attach to various places.  These stickies hold their authentic thoughts, questions and reflections from the moment they come into their heads. I am thinking of this blog as my big, virtual cyber sticky and thought the name was appropriate.


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  1. kibrown Said:

    I think your idea of a virtual cyber sticky is great. The sticky virtual or not allows for thoughts to be documented, mulled over then posted where you want to keep them. Last year my grade 6&7 classroom was ‘paper reduced’ and I enjoyed working with my students to find new ways to reduce our paper use. This year I had an intern in the fall for my grade 5&6 class so there were lots of comprises as my intern developed her own teaching style. I’m just getting into the swing of things with my class and will introduce more projects with less paper as the year progresses.

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