My Compass Points

After reading the LoTi Framework, I found myself drawn between two levels of the Framework.  I think that personally, in my classroom I would place myself at Level 4b.  In the context of looking at my compass points within my whole school, I would say I (or should I say we) are at Level 4a.  Within my school there are some frustrations between what access I (and others) think students should have and what access others think they should have.  Within my classroom, I openly encourage students to bring their own lap tops, use iPods as computers and maybe even in the future, their Blackberries (oh!  The forbidden cell phone in the classroom!)  but there is some dispute to allowing students to access the wifi on their personal devices.  To go along with that is the never ending frustration of never having enough computers to go around and the restrictive schedule that we have in place to meet the demand.  Good news is, we’re using them!

Without these frustrations, my class is full steam ahead charing towards a solid 4b and beyond!



  1. sm45rt Said:

    I think that a lot of us can relate to those frustrations. Sometimes we come up against those blocks that get in our way, but with a little creativity we can usually find a way around them. How can we encourage other people to get to the same place? I have a hard time not being frustrated by blocks that are put in place at the school division level, but I also have to remind myself that for every time I am asking for something to be unblocked there is someone asking for the same thing to stay blocked. Any suggestions as to how we can open up the lines and get rid of the fear? I look forward to working with you this semester and sharing more ideas. Michelle

  2. Shawna Stangel Said:

    There are always going to be resisters to any type of new change that comes along. We have to remember that within our career there is a long history of the teacher being the keeper and giver of all that is knowledge. As you and I both know, the role of the teacher is very much changing and if we are to engage our students and provide them with meaningful and relevant tasks with which to learn from we must begin to take a broader look at the tools that we employ to provide those learning opportunities. The way we do business in schools is beginning to look different than society is used to. We live in a world where every place of business utilizes technology to survive. Why do we insist that students only use books and pencils? Would you want to do all of your banking at an institution where there were only people sitting at their desks with paper and pencils (maybe the odd one with a calculator)? That is what school has asked of its students. My advise to you is to keep plugging on because your compass will guide you. And who knows, within every good journey you meet people that you consider to be friends. Sometimes those friends will want to journey with you. Hopefully through conversation and the rising results of student achievement through the use of various forms of instructional technology your journey will gather more friends. The journey of change can be a frustrating one. Everyone needs to feel uncomfortable in order to begin self-reflection for change to occur.

    I look forward to working with you. Take care.

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